My Guitar Story

When I lived in my birthplace, Lagos, Nigeria, I remember appreciating Guitarists in lively Pentecostal churches and lavish birthday parties. However, the 2008 Disney movie Camp Rock  was what made me want to play the instrument.

Yes, a cheesy movie about American campers, musical talents and teenage drama stimulated my once dormant interest in learning how to play an instrument. I was 10 years old, don’t judge me.

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Let’s Talk About All The Ravenous Sexual Display in The Arts

Sexuality is a normal trait for all animal species. It permits intimacy, immunity, reproduction, and other conceivable benefits. This is why the display of sexual acts by artists in today’s society aren’t much of a surprise; in many cases, art imitates life.

Yet, if you’ve observed sexual display in the arts like I have, I’m sure you would’ve noticed that many artists handle the topic of sexuality differently. Some showcase minimal sexual display and others reveal everything… every damn graphic detail.

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