Toxic Games (Short Story)

The August heat had willed Joshua to tie his hair into a poorly structured man-bun, willed his fair face to be laced with sweat, willed his fairly slim build to be dressed in a white tank top and knee-length cargo. While Genet’s shoulder-length hair retained its curls, her bronze face shined, and her favorite summer dress, blue and white with slits on the sides, complemented her long legs. 

The couple were seating on a dusty bench, waiting for the bus that would take them home, dubiously, across from the Dollar store where Joshua had stolen a bag of blue marbles. 

Genet watched Joshua inspect the bag of marbles in his hands as she thought about his prior act, and thought about convincing him to leave the stolen marbles on the bench.

“Hey, what would you take to Mars if earth died?” Joshua asked, breaking the silence surrounding them. 

The odd question reminded Genet of why she liked him. 

Their relationship was engaging. She thought it offered a lot of excitement, even though sometimes Joshua did strange things like…steal a bag of marbles from a raggedy dollar store. 

She smiled, “Do want me to answer honestly?”

He laughed and played with a marble, “Yes, answer honestly Gen.”

“Okay…if the earth died, I would take my family, you, some clothes, and some of my jewelry with me to mars.” 

“I’ll take myself,” Joshua countered with a growing smirk.

Genet knew Joshua well, he wanted her to ask why, why just him. For a moment, she didn’t want to give him the satisfaction and sealed her lips, wanting to ignore him. But soon her curiosity and growing annoyance surfaced. 

“Why? You wouldn’t care about your family and me?” She finally asked. 

Joshua laughed; it was rich and unforgiving.  

“Just yourself. Are you serious?” Genet asked again, hitting him in his gut in her angry state. 

Joshua sobered up soon enough and wrapped his arms her figure.

He said, “I do care about my family and you, but I asked what not who to take to mars. I was just having a little fun with you. Relax.” 

As they resumed watching the road for their bus, which was now a few minutes late, Joshua proceeded to repeatedly kiss her neck, attempting to kiss her anger away, and she let him. But the stolen marbles in his hands, his silly question, and even sillier answer, still hovered around in her mind. 

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