Group Counselling Day 1 (Short Story)

So there I was, seated in the center of a taboo. All of us, forced to reveal what made us  special—or freaks some might say. 

My support group’s new instructor, Ms. Machett, liked to treat our knacks (rather our ticks) as though they were superpowers. She would smile at our defects and urge us to showcase them to the rest of the group. 

It was my turn:

“…My name is Cora Boa.”

“Hi Cora,” they greeted in unison.

In the quiet room, I revealed (imitating the word’s of my grandma) that I was a pest. I didn’t know how or when to close my big mouth. I notice things…things most people ignore, and I can’t help but spill it out.

The others in the room didn’t think much of my confession until I told the group what I had noticed about them during the few minutes that we had been together;  

  • Told this boy who sat next to me, Daren, that he needed to stop fidgetting because he smelt like pee, and everytime he moved his pee stench came my way. 
  • Told Megan to stop checking out Rosie from across the room, didn’t think Rosie would appreciate the constant staring. 
  • Told Jaxon to cut the fake ‘good kid’ act because I saw him screaming at his mother before he came into the counselling building. 
  • Told Ms. Machett that she was a nosy bitch who had nothing better to do with her life.

Ms. Machett kicked me out of group counselling…told me I couldn’t come back until I was more pleasant. 

Part 2’s coming soon…

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