Group Counselling Day 2, Part 2 (Short Story)

Part 2 of Group Counselling Day 2, Part 1 (Short Story)

This part can be read by seperately.

“And the teams are:

Daren, Feng & Elisa

Megan, Rosie, & Rylan

Malik, Apex, & Marla

Jaxon, Adelaide, & Cora.”

Cora had a smirk on her bronze face. It was fixed, vengeful, and shamelessly, aimed at Jaxon. 

Ms. Macchett put her list of groups into the pocket of her yellow sundress, shuffled her black lenses, and crossed her hands over her grey cardigan. “Okay you all know your partners now, so move around accordingly. Remember, you’re asking your teammates 12 questions about them, no less, but you may ask more than 12 questions if you wish to… You’ll need a sheet of paper for this activity, so your notebooks should be out.”

“You have 30 minutes. Meet your team members, go on!” She added. 

At her command everyone, except Cora, walked around to room to meet-up with their teams, and to choose an admirable corner in the room for the questioning. 

But Cora wanted her teammates to come to her. She had crossed one of her bronze legs over the other, tucked her hand into her bleach blue jumpsuit, brushed a hand through her frizzy curls, and waited. 

Adelaide, a dark lanky emo boy, sighed, and walked to a seat besides Cora. While Jaxon—the fair freak with gelled, dark hair—sat two seats away from her, in effort to keep some space between them. 

“Let’s just get this over with,” Jaxon commented. 

Cora smirked. “I’m not answering anything you ask until you move closer.” 

“I’m not moving any closer to you…you psycopath,” Jaxon whispered. 

“Then your 12 questions will be remain unanswered, my dearest friend,” Cora replied, with a nasty smile  

Adelaide sighed again. “Dude, just do it. I have places to be at after this shit. I’m sure you do to.”

A moment of silence occurred between Cora’s teammates. 

Jaxon shuffled his jaw and mumured an irritated, “Fine.” 

He stood up from his chair and sat beside Adelaide, so there was an extra body (Adelaide) between him and Cora. 

“Just so you know, I don’t like you too,” Cora retorted. 

“Good,” Jaxon replied.

Adelaide rubbes his temples. “Okay. I’ll just make up the 12 questions, we will all answer them, then we all write each others answer down. It seems like the fastest way to this. Are you guys good with that?” 

Jaxon: “Yea.” 

Cora: “Cool.”  

Adelaide nodded. “Okay um… First question. How many siblings do you have? I have one sister.” 

Jaxon: “I have four siblings; three sisters and one bro.” 

Cora: “I have none.” 

Jaxon: “That explains a lot…”

Cora: “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

Jaxon: “That you’re a spoilt brat.” 

Cora: “Being my parents only child doesn’t automatically make me a brat!” 

Jaxon: “Yea. But its part of the reason why you are one, well, that and your innate bullshit attitude.”

Cora: “…If you don’t stop talking right now, my foot is gonna be right up your a-hole in 3 seconds.”

Adelaide frowned at this. “Alright. Next question. Where are your parents from? So my mother is from Mali, and my dad is from Nigeria.” 

Jaxon: “Both of my parents are from Italy.” 

Cora: “Both of my parents are from Dominican Republic.” 

They all wrote down their respective answers. 

If you could be anything, what will you be? I’d be a teacher cuz I wouldn’t have to work in summertime,” Adelaide said. 

Jaxon: “…I’d be an architect.” 

Cora: “I’d be a dance instructor.”

Jaxon: “Pole dancing instructor?” 

Cora: “Very funny dumbass… If you were an architect, most of your structures will probably collapse within the first year. That’s how much of a dumbass you really are. ” 

Jaxon: “Please, I have more sense than you’ll ever have in your lifetime.”

Cora: “I doubt it.”

Ms. Macchett began to walk around the room, her yellow sundress swished as she strolled past all the groups. She lingered around Cora’s team. She glanced at their papers a few times, before returning to the center of the room.

“10 minutes left! If you haven’t answered all 12 questions from your peers this is the time to do it!” she said.

Adelaide groaned. “Crap! We haven’t even gone halfway. Can you guys stop arguing so we can finish this?!”

Cora: “Tell him to stop screwing up everything I say!”

Jaxon: “Whatever, just continue the questions.”

Adelaide shook his head. “Alright. Your dream car? Mine’s a Tesla Model S.”

Jaxon: “Genesis G90.”

Cora: “Land Range Rover.”

Adelaide thought. “…If you could be anyone in the world, who would you be, and why? I’d be Denzel Washington because everyone pretty much loves the guy.”

Jaxon: “I’d be Leonardo DiCaprio because he’s rich and talented, but his also not one of those selfish celebrities that only care about themselves.”

Cora: “Beyonce, because she’s talented, independent, impactful & iconic”

Jaxon: “…She’s really not that great.”

Cora: “Says a useless bum!”

Ms. Macchett clapped, “Okay time’s up! Everyone should’ve answered their 12 questions by now. The first team to present their findings is…Jaxon, Adelaide, & Cora—“

Jaxon: “…Look, all I’m saying is that Beyonce’s a bandwagon. She only cares about issues when they’re trending.”

Cora: “Yeah, and I could say the same thing about Leonardo and pretty much any other celebrity! Most people only know about issues because of social media.” 

Jaxon: “Nah. Leonardo’s has his own charity organization, and actually uses his own money and time to fund and support social movements, and not just talk about on twitter, or make a damn song about it.”

Cora: “Okay…and you think Beyonce deosn’t give money charity! Not every celebrity to publicizes shit like—how much money they’ve given to charity!”

“What’s going on over there? Cora! Jaxon! Your team needs to present!” Ms. Macchett said, with both anger and amusement hidden in her voice.

Adelaide grunted, “We didn’t even go halfway, they just kept on arguing!” 

Jaxon: “…Didn’t we finish 8 questions or something?”

Cora: “It felt like 9.”

Adelaide: “No, it wasn’t 8 or 9. I only got to ask 5 questions because you guys kept arguing!” 

Cora: “Dude, Jaxon’s the problem here, not me!”

Ms. Machett frowned, ” Just standup and present what you have.”

Adelaide stood up last. “I’m never going to agree to do group counselling ever again,” he said. 

“Begin team,” Ms. Machett ordered, with crossed legs.

Adelaide sighed. “Our first question was, how many siblings do you have? And I said I had one sister.” 

Jaxon: “I said four siblings; three sisters and one brother.”

Cora: ” I said I had none.” 

Jaxon: “…And then I told Cora that her being her parent’s only child explains alot, like her being a spoilt brat and all.” 

Cora: “You little shit!”

Adelaide rubbed his temples, equally annoyed & traumatized.

Next part coming soon! 

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