I should introduce myself…

Hey, my name’s Melvina and I am a creative powerhouse. 

I have a passion for many art forms: writing, visual arts, performance art (specifically dance) and music.

This blog will retell many crazy moments I’ve had as a young creator. It will not just be entertaining, but will reveal the realities of turning an idea into a finished product. Many times, a creation is flawed; messy, slow, unproductive. Many times, being too ambitious makes it difficult for a creator to finish a project. Many times, being too ambitious distorts our priorities. 

I’ve learnt that we (fellow creators)  must breathe, work, rave, and sleep, because a well rested mind is more productive. 

The Goal


Reaching out to me

This blog is written in the perspective of a peer, an amateur artiste. I don’t want to be refered to as anything else. 

 I offer experience, not expertise. 

This is because my will to create is determined by impulse (what I’m feeling and what I’m going through), so I tend to try a lot of activities instead of focusing on one. For example, in one week I could focus on my creative writing activities and in another week I could be working on a painting. 

Artisitically, I’m everywhere….

I latch onto creativity in anyway that I can. 

Here’s my needy artistry fellow creators, I hope it inspires yours! 


About Me
And we begin…