Writing A Song (With Imagery)!

…I used Lorde’s song, Writer in The Dark (co-written and co-produced by Lorde & Jack Antonoff) as a sampler while song-writing. Like I mentioned in my previous post, A Love For Haunted (Deep) Music, I adore the lyrics of this song. The song is raw, cryptic, and the lyrics (and its arrangement) are one of the reasons why it’s so impactful.

I’m not a professional (not at all), but I enjoy song-writing. To me, song-writing is both a thrilling and wishful practice.

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If I was a singer I think my music style would be similar to the likes of Lorde, Birdy, Tinashe, Sevdaliza, Oh Wonder, Gallant, Tsar B, Lana Del Rey, Frank Ocean, and SZA (if you don’t know any one of these musical artists, I encourage you to search them up). Basically, if I was a singer, my music would be haunted, cryptic—filled with magical sounds and imagery just like theirs

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My Guitar Story

When I lived in my birthplace, Lagos, Nigeria, I remember appreciating Guitarists in lively Pentecostal churches and lavish birthday parties. However, the 2008 Disney movie Camp Rock  was what made me want to play the instrument.

Yes, a cheesy movie about American campers, musical talents and teenage drama stimulated my once dormant interest in learning how to play an instrument. I was 10 years old, don’t judge me.

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