I’m Afraid of Running Out of Ideas! (Truthful Hour)

I’m afraid that, at this very moment, my ambition is quite unhealthy but necessary because for now my artistry is my only saving grace, my only source of peace—and sometimes, my only source of self-worth (I’ll talk about this more later). But this is why I coined the term—Needy Artistry—as my blog title. My blog title symbolizes who I am at this moment—for as I write this blog post—I have choosen the path of obsession, total and complete absorption in my craft, as I’ve poetically confessed in my prior blog post, This Little Piece (Free-write Poem).

However, a horrible fear of running out of ideas has also emerged from my will to constantly create. 

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Group Counselling Day 1 (Short Story)

So there I was, seated in the center of a taboo. All of us, forced to reveal what made us  special—or freaks some might say. 

My support group’s new instructor, Ms. Machett, liked to treat our knacks (rather our ticks) as though they were superpowers. She would smile at our defects and urge us to showcase them to the rest of the group. 

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Let’s Talk About All The Ravenous Sexual Display in The Arts

Sexuality is a normal trait for all animal species. It permits intimacy, immunity, reproduction, and other conceivable benefits. This is why the display of sexual acts by artists in today’s society aren’t much of a surprise; in many cases, art imitates life.

Yet, if you’ve observed sexual display in the arts like I have, I’m sure you would’ve noticed that many artists handle the topic of sexuality differently. Some showcase minimal sexual display and others reveal everything… every damn graphic detail.

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