This Little Piece (Free-write Poem)

∼∼ This little piece of hope in my hands, let me hold it for a generous time.  This little piece of passion in my palms, let me feel it till the day I die. This little piece of talent in my fingertips, let me have it till the day it is proven to not be…

Toxic Games (Short Story)

The August heat had willed Joshua to tie his hair into a poorly structured man-bun, willed his fair face to be laced with sweat, willed his fairly slim build to be dressed in a white tank top and knee-length cargo. While Genet’s shoulder-length hair retained its curls, her bronze face shined, and her favorite summer…

The Art of Daydreaming (Pros & Cons)

My most interesting moments often takes place in my head. I believe it’s because of how reactive the combination of creativity and introversion truly is (yes, I just compared human traits to chemical reactions, deal with it 😝).

Self-Reflection (Who Am I?)

Lately, I can answer reflective questions quite attentively, especially when it refers to my family, my friends, and myself… Who am I?

My Guitar Story

When I lived in my birthplace, Lagos, Nigeria, I remember appreciating Guitarists in lively Pentecostal churches and lavish birthday parties. However, the 2008 Disney movie Camp Rock  was what made me want to play the instrument. Yes, a cheesy movie about American campers, musical talents and teenage drama stimulated my once dormant interest in learning…

Let’s Talk About All The Ravenous Sexual Display in The Arts

Sexuality is a normal trait for all animal species. It permits intimacy, immunity, reproduction, and other conceivable benefits. This is why the display of sexual acts by artists in today’s society aren’t much of a surprise; in many cases, art imitates life. Yet, if you’ve observed sexual display in the arts like I have, I’m sure…

How I Benefited from Participating in an Art Competition

During my first year of university, I was living on-campus. I was trapped inside the walls of a small townhouse with three other girls, suffering from assignment overload and extreme boredom.  I decided to join an art club on campus called A. R. T. (Art Resource Team).

Art Activism: The Power of Our Art

You may call it propaganda masked as art, or Political art, or Protest art, or Activist art, or Street art, or use any other terminology that comes to your head.  The point is that art has impact.  I see it. You see it. 

The Moment I Became a Creative Writer

Before, I would’ve never considered writing as a possible career.  When I immigrated to Canada that changed. There is something magical about moving to the Western World, something that makes people revive dreams they’ve once suppressed.