Group Counselling Day 1 (Short Story)

So there I was, seated in the center of a taboo. All of us, forced to reveal what made us  special—or freaks some might say.  My support group’s new instructor, Ms. Machett, liked to treat our knacks (rather our ticks) as though they were superpowers. She would smile at our defects and urge us to…

Self-Reflection (Who Am I?)

Lately, I can answer reflective questions quite attentively, especially when it refers to my family, my friends, and myself… Who am I?

Art Activism: The Power of Our Art

You may call it propaganda masked as art, or Political art, or Protest art, or Activist art, or Street art, or use any other terminology that comes to your head.  The point is that art has impact.  I see it. You see it.