Group Counselling Day 2, Part 1 (Short Story)

The Continuation of Group Counselling Day 1 (Short Story)

 Another Saturday morning came by, Cora was infront of the sandpaper Group Counselling Building, with her dark skin shining in the sunlight, her tangled hair packed in a petite ponytail, her bleached blue jumpsuit swishing in the wind, her leather messenger bag secured across her chest, and her feet, buried in dirty-white Vans. 

She’d gotten in trouble because Ms. Machett had blabbed to her parents about what she’d done during their first meeting. After one week of suspension from the Group Counselling building, Ms. Machett allowed her to join the weekly meetings again, and warned her not to ruin the group meetings anymore.  Her warning was pointless however, Cora knew that she couldn’t  miss any other meetings ever again without getting caught…at least, not while her parents were still fuming about it. 

Cora hadn’t gone inside the building yet, in hopes that tides were still be on her side, in hopes that an excuse to stay away will magically present itself. 

But as she pondered, a red Jeep, with an italian flag dangling underneath the rear view mirror, rolled into the Building’s driveaway. It was Jaxon’s—mother’s car. Cora almost didn’t recognize them because of the lack of yelling inside the Jeep as they rode into the Counselling Building. Jaxon hopped out of the car in grey sweatpants and with a black duffel bag swung over his shoulder, and his mother drove away, without spearing a second glance.

Their ‘mother and son’ relationship fascinated her. It was almost as horrid as her relationship with her parents.  She wondered…wondered if he remembered that she was the one who told everyone in their counselling session that he was having issues with his mother. 

Cora waved at him when he looked her way.

He didn’t wave back.

Jaxon attention quickly shifted to fixing his hair, as his short curls moved in the wind. He ducked into the building’s entrance door, wishing to not waste more time outside.

Cora had changed her mind right then, she was now determined to go in. She didn’t like being ignored.

After spending a few minutes outside, getting herself mentally ready to walk into the building, her usual smug had arisen. She swung open the entrance door, stomped up the polished steps,  marched into the dim-lit second floor, and into one of the last rooms in the space, where up to a dozen set of eyes stared at her.

“Ah, Miss Cora Boa, sit, we are about to start a group activity,” Ms. Machett beckoned.

Ms. Machett sat at the head of the circle of chairs in a pale yellow summer dress that complimented her golden skin and grey cardigan. She wore her dark hair down to her shoulders, wore chunky silver earrings, had sharp features, peircing honey eyes, and pink lips.

The only unoccupied seat in the whole room was right next to her, were Cora could easily choke on her vanilla-peppermint odour.

“C’mon Miss Cora Boa, we don’t have all day,” Ms. Machett stated. 

Cora muttered an unenthusiastic, “Fine”, then slumped into the foldable chair next to Ms. Machett.

Ms. Machett smiled, “Thank you for co-operation Miss Cora Boa.”

“Now…back to the group activity,” Ms. Machett said. “You’re all going to find out at least 12 things about two other people in this group through simple conversations, and I’ve tasked myself with the duty of picking your partners.”

Most people groaned at the last part, but Ms. Machett acted like she hadn’t heard it.

“And the teams are:

Daren, Feng & Elisa

Megan, Rosie, & Rylan

Malik, Apex, & Marla

Jaxon, Adelaide, & Cora.”

A cruel smile grew on Cora’s face after she had heard who Ms. Machett peered her with.  Jaxon looked at her once more. Horror and hatred fused into his features, and she thought they were well deserved.

She’d been blessed with an opportunity to make him squirm.

Part 3’s coming soon…

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